Hope You Know



I was thinking just the other day how things can move so fast. Just a couple months ago I never thought we'd last. I was staying up all night, we had some crazy fights. I’m starting to think that we'll never get this right. But you got to hold on to your faith. 'Cuz when you let it all go, that’s when it fades away. I don’t want to hurt you baby, I don’t want to break your stride and I don’t want forever to end tonight. I don’t want to watch you leave me, I don’t want to watch you go. Baby I hope…I hope you know. Now time still passes by without a break and my love for you will always do the same. I don’t want to watch you leave, baby it hurts too bad. And I don’t want to let you go 'cuz you were all I had. I’m gonna hold on to every little thing. 'Cuz now that you're gone, I can feel your pain. Repeat Chorus I never meant to break your heart and I never wanted to tear your dreams apart. Repeat Chorus