Bad Man



Slice you I’ll dice you, I’ll cut you down. I don’t care how you feel. 'Cuz nothing makes me feel as good as I do when I’m hurting you. This pain I feel is so familiar, felt like I been here before. And I can’t even tell you if what I’m doing here is wrong. 'Cuz I’m a bad man and I got some bad plans. Don't think your gonna make it alive, baby come on trust me this ain’t you night. 'Cuz I got bad thoughts I plan to act on, baby this ain’t your night, you're dead…you're dead. I’ve been right under your nose and you didn’t know it. I’ve been watching you for days. And I saw what you done and you're gonna pay with you life, the pain. Don't try talking yourself out, it ain’t gonna work no doubt, in my mind. I know what I got to do and it ain’t involving me helping you, go on and say your last goodbyes. Repeat Chorus 2x