Five Musicians One Goal

Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway is a not-so-traditional five piece band from Detroit, Michigan. Their groove laden mixture of alternative country and roots is layered with complex conga beats, entrancing guitar solos, and grooving bass lines, all driven by the deep thumping of Rich Pyle's kick. Rounding out this unconventional group are the soulful, and sometimes haunting, lyrics generated by Daniel Harrison's powerful, raw voice.


DH$2 has been playing for the Detroit music scene and at various venues all over the state since 2009. Since that time, this enigmatic group has won a multitude of contests, rocked the Detroit Hoedown, the Uncle Sam Jam, the Soundboard at Motor City Casino, and has shared the stage with national favorites such as Candlebox, Bret Michaels, and Josh Gracin. This is one band who has stood the test of time and has proven that they can captivate even the most discerning of crowds. So check out the calendar page, pick an event, and join the journey down the $2 Highway.